Loudoun’s Hot Spot of the Week: MOKOMANDY

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This unique Cajun-Korean inspired restaurant sits in an unassuming strip mall in Sterling. But the food served is probably unlike anything you’ve tried before.

The suburban hustle-and-bustle quickly fades away when you enter Mokomandy’s minimalist modern dining room, sleek with blond wood tables and flooring, accented by the natural lighting of the storefront windows. Enlarged canvas images of the restaurant’s dishes grace the walls, enticing your appetite for the meal to come. Aesthetics aside, it’s the unique mix of Korean and Cajun cuisine at Mokomandy that fills their seats.

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Mokomandy likes to “play” with its food. They’ll toss cracklings into jambalaya, stuff dumplings with foie gras, and stir morsels of pig’s head into gumbo. This isn’t a fusion of Cajun and Korean, but two very different cuisines harmonizing side by side on the menu of Mokomandy. “Modern Korean by Mandy” is the source of the Mokomandy name, honoring the mother of owner Thaddeus Kim. The child of a Cajun mother and a Korean father, Kim’s mother prepared both cuisines for the family. With Kim’s influence, Executive Chef Daniel Wilcox Stevens creates delightful interpretations of Korean and Cajun dishes and brings the influence of these cuisines to a variety of classic foods. Jambalaya, Bulgogi Beef, Poutine, Deviled Eggs, and Steak Frites all make appearances on the eclectic menu. Judging by the numerous awards and accolades Mokomandy has received since its opening, the marriage seems to work out just as well on the plate as it did for Thaddeus Kim’s parents.

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Mokomandy is a gem nestled in the Great Falls Plaza in Sterling. They are open for dinner five nights a week from 5-10 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Be sure to check their website for the weekend brunch menu. 20789 Great Falls Plaza, Suite 176, Sterling, VA 20165