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Decorating a beautiful home is one thing but keeping it clean is another! And who wants to spend their Summer weekends cooped up inside with a mop & a dust rag? Not me! Here are 5 tips to a sparkling home that will help you break up your cleaning list throughout the week and prevent things from piling up! 

1 – Master the “1 minute rule” – Anything that takes less than 1 minute, do it right away. From rinsing that dish off and putting it in the dishwasher to hanging up the shirts you tried on but didn’t end up wearing! It is life changing!

2 – Wipe down the kitchen & bathroom counters once / day. You can wipe down the bathroom before showering and the kitchen after dinner!

3 – Sweep the kitchen & put away clean dishes while you wait for your coffee to be ready in the morning.

4 – Have a spot for mail and paperwork so that it’s organized and not all over the kitchen counters.

5 – Do 1 thing each day whether that’s dusting, vacuuming or cleaning the appliances, split things up so you’re not doing it all on Saturday! When Saturday comes you can sit pool-side with your favorite summer drink instead of cleaning the house!