Loudoun Hot Spot of the Week: Balls of Glory

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There is always something new sprouting up in Loudoun – it is hard to keep up! You’ve just got to check out this hot spot that just opened up in downtown Leesburg! Even though the name may make you chuckle, they are serious about their food! They offer several types of “meatballs” (including vegan and cheese croquettes). You choose your sauce and then you can put it over a salad, pasta or even bread. I tried their opening week special – a “smash burger”. It was their beef meatballs with provolone. I added marinara sauce to create an Italian Meatball Sandwich. WOW – talk about comfort food! The marinara sauce was delightful with ribbons of basil to brighten it up! I had to eat this with a knife and fork because it was overflowing; there was even a soft mound of fresh parmesean cheese on top of the bun with even more basil.

The owners got the idea for this venue because in cultures across the world, the meatball represents comfort, family, and laughter. Meatballs are found in nearly every cuisine and enjoyed by children and adults alike.  They evoke fond childhood memories of Sunday suppers with Grandma’s special recipe, community potlucks with toothpicks dipped into steaming crockpots, and dinners out with baskets of garlic bread on checkered table cloths. Balls of Glory is about bringing those memories back to life by eating the very food that they grew up loving—and having fun while they do it. 

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At Balls of Glory, they know that a meatball is more than just spaghetti’s tasty sidekick—it can come in all shapes, sizes, and sauces. Their menu features everything from traditional savory Italian meatballs to falafel balls, even vegan “meat”balls, served in sandwiches, salads, or over pasta. And to satisfy your sweet tooth, they offer dessert balls such as donut holes, chocolate truffles and Russian Tea Cake balls.


Balls of Glory is located at 15 Loudoun St SE Leesburg, Virginia; 571-888-3600