The HGTV Effect

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hop over to these guys Surprise, Surprise – I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV lately (can anyone else relate?) 😄

Full Article Who doesn’t love watching an episode of Fixer Upper and waiting in anticipation for the grand reveal of the beautiful renovation (has anyone else ever fast forwarded to the reveal or just me?!) As much as we all love our favorite HGTV shows, there’s something that can happen to the viewers which I’ve seen called “The HGTV effect”. What this means is that HGTV fans start to develop reality TV based ideas on what the home buying process looks like, how “easy” it is to flip a house, how much money you “will make” if you remodel your entire first floor, etc. etc.

find more Unlike HGTV, where buyers choose from 3 magical homes, all the real estate agent does is open those 3 doors and show you to the living room, there aren’t any other buyers to compete with, you narrow it down from there and BOOM, you’re a homeowner – the reality of the house hunting process is a little more complicated than that. That’s why I created a handy FREE guide – Reality House Hunters – to help prepare you for what to expect each step of the way!

You are making the biggest purchase of your life and you should do that with confidence.

Grab yourself a fresh cup of coffee or tea and download my guide right here (following all the social distancing guidelines of course!!!! )